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5 most beautiful ways to hang your wall art

Example of Petersburg Hanging, © Andrew Neel,

Kalonzo de Platique
Kalonzo de Platique

Content Creator at Platique

1. Petersburg Hanging (salon hanging)

This type of hanging goes back to the St. Petersburg Hermitage where works of art in different formats with different frames are arranged on a wall that not the individual piece of art stands out but the composition of the pictures. A certain order within the supposed disorder is achieved by maintaining even distances between the images and aligning them with imaginary lines.

2. Block Hanging (rectangular hanging)

Similar to the St. Petersburg hanging, many pictures in different sizes and frames are placed on a wall. But these together form a rectangle creating an overall ordered impression. It’s best to try the arrangement first on the floor. The pixtures are rearranged until the result appears right. In this concept imaginary axes connect the motifs as well.

3. Edge Hanging (symmetry hanging)

The human eye regards symmetry as harmonious. For this reason, the mirrored arrangement of images is particularly suitable for creating harmony on the wall.
The arrangement can take place both against a horizontal and a vertical axis. Particular attention should be paid to an exact alignment on the mirror axis as even the smallest deviations are rather distracting.

4. Loose lineup

Framed photos, prints and paintings can be set up well on single shelves or so-called setup rails. Such rails of wood or metal often have a small edge to prevent the images from slipping. The advantage is that you can easily change the compilation again and again without having to put nails into the wall. An interesting look is achieved by mixing different formats side by side or overlapping.

5. Grid Hanging

Very different motifs can be made to look like as a combined work of art by arranging them in identical shapes and frames, possibly even with the same kind of passe-partouts in a strict grid next to or above each other.

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